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Mustang  BJJ

Located in Oakleigh East, we provide expert tuition in traditional Gi Jiu-Jitsu, No Gi and grappling,

We are proudly an affiliate of Cia Paulista Australia Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu team.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu  (BJJ) is a ground based, Grappling style of fighting that uses technique to defeat the opponent.

The BJJ practitioner uses joint locks, chokes and submission holds instead of physical strength. BJJ can be used by a person of any size, because it uses leverage system to control the opponent and does not require physical power.

Our Programs

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Even thou Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may seem like an individual sport, it is just as important to belong to a great team who will train together and cheer for you on the sidelines during each grading achievement and competition.

Mustang BJJ is a great place to make new friends with a great support structure.


Is one of the greatest qualities you will learn in BJJ, as you progress through your journey.


Through slow progression of the Basics of BJJ you will earn your rank into more advanced techniques

In the BJJ community there's a true saying

"a Blackbelt is a white belt who never gave up"


It's only natural to receive great results when you have commitment, perseverance and hard work.


Results are a confirmation that you have achieved your best, during class and especially in competition mode. 

Coach Jung will make sure you achieve your ultimate best, whatever your goal is!

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